Guide on how to play BandarQ online PKV games

Guide on how to play BandarQ online PKV games

Guide on how to play bandarq online, online games or cemepkv games for real money on the market. Play bandarq may be familiar to us as we read and hear, bandarq, bandarkiu or also often called ceme is an online game developed by pkv games and is very popular now.

This bandarq online game is actually not new anymore because it was first launched by PKV Games in 2015. Bandarq since its inception in the world of online card betting games has won the hearts of many Indonesian online money game players.

Because this online bandarq / ceme game is very easy to play and easy to understand by anyone. Even when someone saw this game for the first time.

Rules for how to play the online Bandarq game

Bandarq is an exclusive game from pkv games which you know is an online game for Indonesian online card betting sites.

So before you can play bandarq, you must be registered at one of the pkv games affiliated sites. Don’t forget to fill in and deposit pkv games funds into your account before starting to play.

Bandarq is played with 8 players at 1 table and it takes at least 2 players on the table to be able to start this game. If you are familiar with the aduq game, playing the bandarq online game won’t be difficult anymore.

Bandarq / ceme is played with a domino card where you will be given 2 cards which will be added up and then compared to other player cards on one table.

Examples of how to play BandarQ PKV and Ceme Online

When the game starts, the system will pause for 8 seconds so that players can place bets on this game session.

After the betting session, the game will continue with the system of distributing 2 domino cards randomly to all the players involved.

When the dealing is complete, each player will be given 20 seconds to see / save the cards they get.

After everything is done, all player cards will be opened and compared with other players to find the winner of this round.

If the dealer loses, the dealer will pay the loss to the player whose card value is greater than the bandarq card then take the bet of the player whose card value is smaller than the dealer. Meanwhile, if the dealer wins, the dealer will be entitled to all the player’s bet value at the table.

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